Tag NumberDescriptionTotal Cited% of Surveys with this Correction OrderStatute Link
125Medication Setup12%144A.43.13
265Up-To-Date Plan/Accepted Standards Practice1229%144A.44,  Subd. 1(2)
300Choose Freely and Change Providers144A.44, Subd. 1 (9)
305Information Private12%144A.44, Subd. 1(10)
315Served by People Who Are Competent144A.44, Subd. 1(12)
320Treated With Respect144A.44, Subd. 1(13)
350Right to Complain144A.44, Subd. 1(19)
370Enforcement of Rights144A.44, Subd. 2
375***** Assisted Living Bill of Rights Addendum12%144A.441
380Assisted Living Bill of Rights Addendum614%144A.441
390Assisted Living Clients; Service Termination12%144A.442
415License Required144A.471, Subd. 1
465License Applications819%144A.472, Subd. 1
470Comprehensive License Applications819%144A.472, Subd. 2
475License Renewal12%144A.472, Subd. 3
490Notification of Changes25%144A.472, Subd. 6
510Temporary License410%144A.473, Subd. 2
545Information Provided by Provider144A.474, Subd. 5
645Conditions12%144A.475, Subd. 1
715Employees, Contractors, and Volunteers25%144A.476, Subd. 2
780Display of License12%144A.479, Subd. 1
785Advertising12%144A.479, Subd. 2
790Quality Management1638%144A.479, Subd. 3
805Reporting Maltrx of Vulnerable Adults/Minors410%144A.479, Subd. 6(a)
810Individual Abuse Prevention Plan1638%144A.479, Subd. 6(b)
815Employee Records2150%144A.479, Subd. 7
825HBOR Notification to Client512%144A.4791, Subd. 1
830Notice of Services for Dementia/Alzheimer’s410%144A.4791, Subd. 2
835Statement of Home Care Services1126%144A.4791, Subd. 3
840Acceptance of Clients12%144A.4791, Subd. 4
845Referrals144A.4791, Subd. 5
850Initiation of Services12%144A.4791, Subd. 6
855Basic Individualized Client Review/Monitoring12%144A.4791, Subd. 7
860Comprehensive Assessment and Monitoring1843%144A.4791, Subd. 8
865Service Plan, Implementation & Revisions921%144A.4791, Subd. 9(a-e)
870Content of Service Plan2662%144A.4791, Subd. 9(f)
875Termination of Service Plan24%144A.4791, Subd. 10
880Client Complaint and Investigative Process1433%144A.4791, Subd. 11
885Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Planning12%144A.4791, Subd. 12
900Medication Management; Comprehensive1024%144A.4792, Subd. 1
905Provision of Medication Mgt Services1638%144A.4792, Subd. 2
910Individualized Medication Monitoring/Reassess25%144A.4792, Subd. 3
920Individualized Medication Mgt Plan1740%144A.4792, Subd. 5
925Administration of Medication12%144A.4792, Subd. 6
930Delegation of Medication Administration819%144A.4792, Subd. 7
935Documentation of Administration of Medication1945%144A.4792, Subd. 8
940Documentation of Medication Setup1126%144A.4792, Subd. 9
945Medication Mgt for Clients Away from Home512%144A.4792, Subd. 10(a)
950Medication Mgt for Clients – Unplanned1024%144A.4792, Subd. 10(b)
955Prescribed and Nonprescribed Medication12%144A.4792, Subd. 11
965Prescriptions1024%144A.4792, Subd. 13
970Renewal of Prescriptions144A.4792, Subd. 14
985Records Confidential144A.4792, Subd. 17
995Storage of Medications819%144A.4792, Subd. 19
1000Prescription Drugs921%144A.4792, Subd. 20
1010Disposition of Medications614%144A.4792, Subd. 22
1015Loss or Spillage12%144A.4792, Subd. 23
1030Policies and Procedures512%144A.4793, Subd. 2
1035Individualized Treatment/Therapy Mgt Plan1229%144A.4793, Subd. 3
1040Administration of Treatments/Therapy921%144A.4793, Subd. 4
1045Documentation of Treatment/Therapy921%144A.4793, Subd. 5
1050Orders or Prescriptions717%144A.4793, Subd. 6
1060Client Record921%144A.4794, Subd. 1(a)
1065Protecting Client Records144A.4794, Subd. 1(b)
1075Access to Records12%144A.4794, Subd. 2
1080Contents of Client Record1536%144A.4794, Subd. 3
1115Unlicensed Personnel – Comprehensive25%144A.4795, Subd. 3(b)
1125Delegation of Home Care Tasks144A.4795, Subd. 4
1135Temporary Staff144A.4795, Subd. 6
1140Requirements of Instructors/Trainers144A.4795, Subd. 7(a)
1145Training/Competency Evals All Staff1126%144A.4795, Subd. 7(b)
1150Training/Competency Evals Comp Staff1024%144A.4795, Subd. 7(c)
1155RN/LHP Responsibilities25%144A.4795, Subd. 7(d)
1165Orientation of Staff and Supervisors614%144A.4796, Subd. 1
1170Content of Orientation921%144A.4796, Subd. 2
1180Orientation to Client37%144A.4796, Subd. 4
1185Alzheimer’s/Dementia Training Required410%144A.4796, Subd. 5
1187Training In Dementia Care Required717%144D.065
1190Required Annual Training37%144A.4796, Subd. 6
1210Availability of Contact Person – Comp144A.4797, Subd. 1(b)
1215Readily Available Contact Person12%144A.4797, Subd. 1(c)
1220Supervision of Staff – Basic144A.4797, Subd. 2
1225Supervision of Staff – Comp1126%144A.4797, Subd. 3
1245TB Prevention and Control3174%144A.4798, Subd. 1
1252Infection Control Program24%144A.4798, Subd. 3
2015Timing of Report410%626.557, Subd. 3
3500Notice to Facility/Exceptions12%144.6502, Subd. 5
3800Notice to Visitors12%144.6502, Subd. 8
8100Protection-Related Rights12%245D.04, Subd. 3a
8175Emergency Use of Restraints Policy/Procedures12%245D.061, Subd. 9

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Partnerships are important so we're here to support you for the long term. We're never judgmental because we understand on a human level.

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Partnerships are important so we're here to support you for the long term. We're never judgmental because we understand on a human level.

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Partnerships are important so we're here to support you for the long term. We're never judgmental because we understand on a human level.

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